100% Export Oriented Industry



We produce good quality and safe packaging materials by using imported raw materials from famous companies who prepare high quality of packaging raw materials in the world. We produce packaging materials following the National & European Union regulation and also as per buyer requirement.


  • Real to sheet Cutting Machine
  • Sheet Cutting Machine
  • Printing Machine Four(4) Color
  • Printing Machine-Bi-Color
  • Printing Machine Single Color
  • Lamination Machine
  • Corrugation Machine
  • Slotting Machine
  • Creasing Machine
  • Pressure Machine
  • Wax Machine
  • Pasting Machine
  • Flexo Graphic 4 Color Poly Printing Machine
  • Polythene Machine
  • 8 Color Rotograviour Print Machine
  • LD 1000 Dry Lamination
  • Inspection & Rewinding Machine
  • Sealing Machine
  • 3 Layer Co-Extruction Inflation Machine
  • Sealing, Stand Pouch & Zipper Bag Making Machine


KPPL is specialized in Superior Customer Service for any brand, any lebel, any customized print job with any size, any quantity, any products fish, Food or Seafood Products at any time.

When Fish & Seafood questions with quality packaging matters, then KPPL can serve you the best with its knowledgeable & dedicated professionals.